Awesome Facebook Updates!

Awesome Facebook Updates incoming!

Facebook is becoming increasingly popular with it’s bounce rate (rate at which people leave) dropping. This is because Facebook is trying to optimize and build their platform for the users, so they may have no reason to visit any other platforms for news, videos and content. We at Graphic and Content are big fans of Facebook, due to the high support in businesses via Page tools and Business manager. I want to discuss a few awesome Facebook updates that rolled out or is in the process of testing. These updates could be highly beneficial to content creators, entrepreneurs and businesses.  

Live updates:

Here I will be discussing all the updates that have caught my attention that has already been rolled out. I will briefly go over what they do and how I feel about them

Broadcasting updates:

In case you have not yet noticed, Facebook now has a live video feature that has been active for a few months now. Similar to YouTube Live, you can broadcast in real time and engage with your audience as you stream. Facebook recently released a few betterment of life updates for these live producers to help them engage with audiences easier and publish better content. Some analytical improvements where made to help creators better track their results. You can now roll out rehearsal broadcasts to page admins to test your video, sound and equipment. Making preparation lot smoother. With the introduction of the LiveAPI, broadcasters will now be able to stream outside of Facebook such as apps and websites. Read more about it here.

Watch Party

You can now create or join a watch party on Facebook. This means you can schedule an agreed time to either watch a video or a future broadcast. I believe for video publishers this will be a great tool to help your audience look forward to a video or broadcast. This also means you can join a party on your own videos and get live feedback. 

Creator Studio

Creator studio is the tool these content creators use to publish their works. Some quality of life updates where rolled out to simplify metrics and analytics 

WhatsApp Integration

Awesome Facebook UpdatesWe where able to link our WhatsApp numbers to our pages for quite some time now but, Facebook has recently simplified the importance and has even added a separate WhatsApp number section on Facebook pages. You can now use your WhatsApp as a call to action button on Facebook. I believe this is arguably the most important update. This also means Facebook ads can now direct people straight to your WhatsApp. Will this receive better engagement? I believe so, It’s always easier to send a WhatsApp message than to call someone. 

Something to look forward to.

The owners of Facebook and Instagram may remove like/video views counts from posts. This may sound weird but, think about it. There are so many people not posting content because of their fear of rejection. They don’t want to see their posts only getting 0-10 likes when they know other people are getting 1k plus. This choice is guided by vanity, on the other hand you see too many people just posting stuff to get the likes, regardless of the content they use. Removing this factor will open a world of better expression. You as the curator or publisher of content will still see the count but, others wont. I believe this to be an exciting possibility. More people will then be enticed to produce and share original content. Trendy topics will be more volatile because there will be no real way of identifying these trends.       

My conclusion

Facebook wants to take over the content platform by introducing features that content producers and publishers already have on other various platforms. By having all these options available and having access to improved analytics. It is possible to only rely on Facebook for news, products, services and entertainment sources. The possibilities are becoming endless and Facebook may very well be disrupting the content market all together.  As of 2019, it is perfectly possible to start a business and make a success of it solely relying on Facebook and their tools. With ads, creative studio, pages & groups. Creating and engaging with a target audiences has never been this easy and well… centralized.

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Awesome Facebook updates
@k0allabear briefly writes about some updates rolling out on Facebook. From like counts to WhatsApp Business integration.
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