Our top 5 reasons why branding is important

A well developed brand can fuel marketing and PR campaigns as easily as any big corporate strategist. Public Relations and Marketing go hand in hand in our humble opinion.

1) Branding Inspires

Go to any brand specialist and ask them to tell you why branding is important, and they will all mention that branding inspires employees. And this was one of the last mentioned benefits of branding. However, branding does not just inspire employees, or clients, or stakeholders. It inspires you. It becomes a small snowball of inspiration and converts into motivation and determination and everyone effected by it will live it, breath it and embrace it.

2) Branding Generates Trust

I call bullshit to anyone who says trust can’t be measured. Trust is a thick line of bond you can feel with your fingers. Building brand separates you from leaches. The difference between a brand and someone who works and operates from a profit orientated mindset is huge. Although profits are always a goal, the methodology behind it can greatly impact the trust between everyone involved. Anyone with a normal ethic can differentiate between someone who works for a paycheck and someone who is trying to build a vision. And those going out of their way to present themselves professionally using time and resources easily obtain trust. because those who spent little time, energy and resources show that they are either stingy, or that care is little to no existence.

3) Branding Creates Recognition

We are not just talking about that (must have, no questions asked) logo’s and slogans. Those trademarks associated with your name that gives people easy anchor points to visually connect with your company/organization/persona. The stickers and e-mail headers littered with strategic branded efforts. All those things make recognizing you easy but, when we mention recognition. We talk about that unspoken split second human connection people encounter on the first interaction-along with “inner/true-self recognition”

4) Branding fuels marketing and PR efforts

A well developed brand can fuel marketing and PR campaigns as easily as any big corporate strategist. Public Relations and Marketing go hand in hand in our humble opinion. They both involve reaching out to your audience, communicating your desires and enticing said audience to help you fulfill them. Marketing as a single directive is a time, resource and energy heavy task that every business/organization/persona needs- to bring their audience to them. Public Relations involves actively managing, sourcing and fine tuning that audience. If you can manage to build a successful brand. You cut those “efforts” necessary, in half. That’s because a brand acts as the foundation of both your public image and marketing strategies.

5) Branding Generates New Revenue

Branding is one of the best ways to get referral or word-of-mouth business. And again, this is why it’s important that your logo, marketing, and reputation work cohesively to form an indelible impression on consumer minds. At some point of your journey. You want your brand to speak for itself. By allowing this gift you are assured that your brand will reach audiences that you never even accounted for. Generating leads in places you never even touched.

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JB @k0allabear Smit

JB @k0allabear Smit

Founder of Graphic and Content. Designer, Developer, Writer & Digital Marketer

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