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Online Retail

The first step we had to take was figuring out the online retail methods. Naturally we drifted with a website  but, knowing Facebook has a built in market place and a page store function. We concluded that building a website to be hooked onto the created Facebook page in question was an easy practical solution. Facebook pixels are a little code we are aloud to place in a HTML file that allows seamless integration and tracking between the two. The products where to be dynamically displayed between the two. 

Social Status

Knowing our main objective we had a clear path to take. Create the Facebook page, develop the website- integrate them together. The Facebook page was created and populated with content. All relevant details where placed. No ad campaigns where completed by Graphic and Content per client request. Objective: to be as organic as possible. We introduced the page, the page holder and the objective of these two to various groups in Uganda.    

Design VS Develop

Knowing the industry (interior design & architecture). Graphic and Content faced a new challenge. A website to be as practical as it is elegant. Scamps and and mock-ups where  exchanged to get a better understanding of how user experience and user interface will be accounted for. A final prototype was believed to be the answer, a sleek, dark fluent design to better contrast the products being showcased. They had a logo’ but, we provided them with a dynamic font based logo for the landing page   


We have done extensive market research about the industry, everything from consumer to supplier. This’ niche market seems to be drawn to dark, elegant flat designs. We had the design & the flow, now we needed to ad some colors. Brand colors where black and cloud blue. Since blue is a strong accent we have decided to make the website dark. We like to call it almost black. We used darker grays to give accent to the pages. The blue we overload with some product showcases.   


We where in charge of all the text and image content, specifically crafted to match brand colors and font.


The design, development and deployment of a noteworthy website to be used for eCommerce and catalog purposes. The design was influenced by the market of the client. Luxury, dark and elegant layouts where put in place.


Fab House Africa


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