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Cleint: Proresultspaint Co,

Neutral Colours

As always, our design process starts with brand identification. Proresultspaint Co. does have a logo but, it’s their service sector that brands them as colourful, joyful painting service providers. They have provided as with the picture above and with the help of one of Adobe.’s many useful tools: Adobe Colour, we where able to extract some bright, powerful samples to use throughout the development process.    


A "home-y" landing

Since their company culture was built on family, we have taken it upon ourselves to display that beautiful feature and convert it into a benefit. Their home page was to directly display the family presence, whilst simultaneously funnelling their audience to their service page. The use of strong quotes and their new established brand colours, we designed an easy to read, easy to follow home page. 

Using motion and various gradients from their brand colours, we were able to copy their feature image throughout the website. This allows the user to feel as if though that image was never static. It followed us all the way to the bottom.

Text and body

Since we had the flow designed and in process, we simply needed to agree on content and font. We believe keeping a website to a minimum of two fonts, maximum three. This creates consistency much like the use of colours. We settled on: 

Arima Madurai - For their headings
Quicksand (a Graphic and content favorite) - for their body


They had a website up before we redesigned it, meaning we had content to work with, they have provided all the text and images and gave us complete freedom to edit as desired. We trimmed a’lot of their body text to simplify their incentive and we used some organic imagery to highlight their family presence. To view their sit, click on the project URL icon or click here  


A family owned and operated painting, installation and general maintenance- service provider. We have built a website to fully capture their colorful niche.

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