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Cleint: Sell Savvy

Web Development

Sell Savvy was in need of a website. They wanted to portray their fixed fee agency services both rental and sales. We exchanged ideas, designs and processes.    


Branding is always crucial when developing a website. A user needs to know immediately on who’s website they’re browsing. We always discuss color, fonts, logos and how they can be used in conjunction. Using their brochures and original logo, we came up with the following:      

This was the colors we extracted from their logo, They had beautiful gradient opportunity, and @graphicandcontent we love gradients 

We went with the strongest choices as well as our signature “0d black”.  For font’s, we like to stick with Quicksand; the beautiful font type you see here. We also used their logo font; Lato throughout their main headlines and titles.  

We produced dynamic logo’s for their website, making it a more versatile. It can now be used in various ways on multiple backgrounds 


We produced and sourced appropriate content for the website. Helping them write up catchy relevant slogans, crisp images and proper placements of videos 


Click on the project URL to view the results of our work. Scroll through their pages to uncover our work flow and placement choices 


The design, development and deployment of a real estate website. The use of sales and rental landing pages with brand focus and objective strategies.

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