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Although we offer all sorts of digital marketing solutions, we pride ourselves on our social marketing expertise. Chances are, you landed here because of one of our marketing campaigns. Digital marketing is changing right before our eyes. Facebook pages are not only competing with each other but, with each Facebook user’s friend list and groups. This means your one post is competing on average with 200 other posts in 1 hours time. Organic reach is down to a staggering >10%.  These statistics seem scary and confusing but, it is evident that social media marketing works. This is why it is absolutely crucial to be on point of all your digital efforts. To stay ahead of those 200 posts. 


Facebook is priority one with G&C. South Africa spends an average of 20 minutes a day on it. It also integrates seamlessly with Instagram


While boosting SEO scores, using Google ad words can increase website leads. Google still remains the largest searcg engine.


The second largest search engine in the world. Video content is becoming super popular and more people flock to YouTube everyday.


Twitter and Tumbler never really peaked here in South Africa. Making Pinterest our 3'rd largest social media platform. Obvious opportunity.

+ Solutions & Consultations

Account Management

We have come to realize that social media management is a full time gig. Being competitive means producing, curating and sharing massive amounts of content while keeping all property links updated and refreshed. We offer social account retainers specifically tailored for your needs.  

Account Set-Up

Setting up an SEO ready account is becoming ever increasingly difficult. We like to believe that we can lay down a foundation whilst in this process to help funnel in an audience.  Therefore we offer this solution to anyone uncertain of what their objective is and or how they should aprouch it.    

Strategy & Sales

Partnering up your social media accounts with a 3’rd party can often feel uncomfortable and scary. Some people also like to tackle this digital age head-on using their own resources and ideas. With this in mind, we also offer strategy consultations and sales funnel templates to help set an objective.    

Graphic Design

Partnered with Adobe Creative suite, we have the best tools of the trade. We release both digital and print-ready designs, making us the number one choice for graphic design solutions.

Web Design

websites are always priority one. We pride our belief that design and development is a singular service. All our web projects are handled with User Interface and User eXperience alike

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