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Why you need a designer

Brand Identity

The importance of graphic design is not known to all. However, most know that they need logo’s and business cards. Building brand requires identity. Identity is a trademark of sorts that separates an individual from the rest, knowing this we can start to understand why designers are required. If you truly want to build a brand- you need an identity that actually fits, compliments and radiates all that is “you”. We love people, and we believe people should be the identity of any brand. That is why our graphic design solutions are always a personal empathetic experience. We believe; To show the world how great your brand is, you should show them how great you are. 


Logo's are considered the first public image to be displayed of any brand. Our designs are produced with you and your audience in mind


They might be old fashioned but, they work. These small little pieces of papers, when well designed, are as effective as contact pages.


E-mail's are still going strong. Having a well designed letterhead / signature secures consistent branding. Branding via mail!

Profile Icons

As social media takes up a storm, we should stay ahead of the curve. We design profile icons and pictures that acts as a digital logo

+ Solutions & Consultations

Print Ready Solutions

Along with our streamlined solutions we offer everything you need to be print ready. Flyers, posters, book and letter covers to name a few. Our print ready designs are proportionally spaced and correctly color matched to meet any print needs. We are able to export in Pantone and CMYK.  

Digital Designs

With the rise of social media, self-publishing and self-promotion. Graphic design is moving forward. We offer digital design services such as banners, social covers, thumbnails, dynamic logos and more. If vectors, images and illustrations are required for any digital project – we can assist. 


Have a big project lining up? Need an in-house designer but, don’t have the time or resources to get one? We offer design retainers specifically tailored to meet your needs. These are often time-based commitments to ensure maximum workflow. Why not partner with branding experts?     

Web Design

websites are always priority one. We pride our belief that design and development is a singular service. All our web projects are handled with User Interface and User eXperience alike 

Digital Marketing

Social media allows us to reach new audiences with targeted precision. We offer social media marketing solutions that guarantee measurable results in less than two months.

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