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We go through our list of best WordPress plugins and why you should consider using them for every website. Even showing the plugin's we use for this site.
Must have WordPress plugins from Graphic and Content

WordPress Love

It is no secret that we use WordPress for our web design, -development and consultation efforts. It’s one of the most rewarding CMS (content management systems) to date. It’s ever growing community is always adding functionality towards it’s open source software. Making choosing the right theme and plugins somewhat more challenging to the average WordPress user.  Now as an average WordPress user your list might differ however, as developers of WordPress sites (and we develop our sites knowing our clients will one day man the content production aspect) We have compiled a list of “WordPress plugins every website should consider”

Page Builders

WordPress out of the box, gives you everything you need to get going however, we are not big fan of WordPress’s editor (page builder) or Gutenberg the new updated version of the editor. We feel they lack a lot in terms of functionality and customization. Granted, everything these editors can do could be customized and altered with the help of CSS and JavaScript quarries but, 99% of our clients has no remote idea what those word even mean, never mind how to use it. Therefore our choice is Elementor & Elementor Pro. I’s the learn, easy to master. It works well with both designer, developer and user.  Features a drag and drop editor similar to wix.com and oh boy, do they keep it alive. Elementor gets regular updates: They have added more features in the last 3 months than any other page builder has added in the past year. We will be rolling out an Elementor guide on Youtube very soon. It also holds a built in form building software. Making form based plugins redundent


These would be plugins that ads extra functionality to your website. More blocks, more posts, better comments and easier displays.  

This little plugin gives you a wonderful function to add sliders to your website. It’s easy to use, comes with a lot of templates and works well with almost any theme & page builder 

Another slider plugin but, this one is absolutely beast. It has a lot more customization and functionality. You can build an entire website using this bad boy. It has a little bit of a steeper learning curve therefore we decided to rank it second in terms of slider plugins

WordPress comes with a post system, making it a powerful tool for any blog type website. However CPT UI allows you to ad custom post types. This means you can build product- service- news- or any custom types of pages using posts. You can find a plugin for most of those types of pages but, CPT Ui allows you to do it all.

This one, a lot like CPT Ui, allows you to add custom fields to your post/custom posts. Making dynamic entry on them super easy.

To have better SEO scores and score some User Experience points, we always need to optimize our websites. Luckily, there are a wide variety of plugins to help us achieve exactly that.  

In short: Caching reduces the amount of work required to generate a pageview by saving regularly viewed files on a scratch disk. This means faster loading times and fewer server stress. WP super cache is easy to use and fast to set-up (one click). Making it our number one choice for cache usage.   

Images tend to be large and clunky. Meaning it can greatly impact the loading time of any page containing images. WP Smush basically takes your images and compresses them to smaller sizes. It can also be set-up to do it automatically every time you upload an image to your site. 

This is arguably the most exciting plugin we know (nerd wise). This plugin helps with the load times of images & static HTML, Has an Image Lazy load option and can help you track general website statistics. We can write a whole post on this so for now…. Just grab this beauty. (free & paid version)

Yoast SEO is a great way for you to do some keyword tagging. You basically tag a keyword(s) to a page or a post and the plugin will score your page based on the keyword. The plugin also helps with meta descriptions and some robot.txt files (fancy word for what google crawlers should do on your website). All round great plugin for SEO efforts, keyword research and indexing. The company owning the plugin also provides paid and free courses on SEO which can help any beginner grab a better understanding of how SEO works and how you can improve it.

Above you will find our list of plugins every website should consider having. They all work well together and can be used in conjunction for the betterment of your site. If you use a premium theme alongside these plugins, then chances are, you have a great website. Just be sure to double check theme compatibility when choosing the right plugins for your site however, our research shows that these plugins are pretty much compatible with every theme. 

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